Tips for ID & Documentation

Where are harvester ants found?

How to identify a harvester ant

Tips for stellar ant photography

Size: 0.25″ – 0.5″
Color: Orange, red, or brownish-black
# of Legs: Six
Body plan: Head, thorax, abdomen
Notes: – Disproportionately large, oblong head.
– If the ant is larger than your typical backyard
ant, there’s a good chance it’s a harvester ant!

Not sure if the ant you found is a harvester ant or not? Upload your submission to the Harvester Hunt iNaturalist project anyway!

For Reference PhotosClick here to view a handy visual guide to identifying harvester ants and other common SoCal ant species.

  1. Give them a piece of food! This will keep them from running around so you can get a proper shot.
  2. Put an object down for scale! Coins are a great option.
  3. If you can, try to take photos with a light background.
  4. Be safe, and have fun!

Note: Phone cameras take perfectly good photos! Please don’t be discouraged from participating if you don’t own a fancy camera.